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About Us

Mattra all started in 1984 in a very humble way with only two persons Mr Afzal Hossain and Sanaul Arefeen on board and a very big vision— the vision of being big, very big. This agency changed the face of local communication— it brands communication or social communication.Mattra came into being at a time, when advertising (and communication, in general) in Bangladesh was at a nascent stage; when advertising meant shouting out brand name repeatedly; when celebrities were the core strength of a brand or a message; when positioning was a foreign word. Mattra pioneered a revolutionary change that was followed and imitated by most of the local players till the time of globalization in the early 1990sSince inception so today, Mattra has always been a thoroughbred Bangladeshi agency that can claim to have the best understanding of anything that is typically Bangladeshi— be it the consumer psyche or the indigenous values and norms.


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We create scalable, broadcast-quality content using our in-house team or partnering with best-in-class vendors.

We can produce turnkey content 100% in-house with our team of videographers, directors, content producers, animators, editors, post-producers, and business affairs specialists.

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MATTRA’s excellence is expressed in its various activities both from the viewpoint of client service and rendering community services. We always consider that customers are our fate-maker, for which, we always try to satisfy their business needs. Our steady and solid business growth demonstrates clearly that clients and other stakeholders have equal confidence in Mattra’s service.

  • The Golden Globe Tiger Award in Malaysia (2017) in the category of a social relevant Ad campaign
  • Ad club Award for 1VC ‘Ambulance in 2011 in CSR Category
  • Award for contribution to”Stargate an English Drama serial telecasted worldwide in 2007
  • BFPDA Award for best Advertising Age, in 2006
  • Meril -Prothom Alo Annual Award for the best TV commercial in 2005
  • Bangladesh Film Journalist Society Award for Best TVC in 2004
  • BTV.Aktel Nattya shava Award for best Advertising Agency in 2003
  • Bangladesh Film Journalist Society Award for Best TVC in 1999
  • Bangladesh Film Journalist Society Award for Best Advertising Age, in 1999
  • Meril -Prothom Alo Annual Award for best Advertising Agency in 1999
  • TRAB Award for best TVC  in 1998
  • Meril-Prothom Alo Annual Award for the best TV commercial in 1997
  • Bangladesh Film Journalist Society Award for Best TVC in 1996



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